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While The Riddler was to busy with The Dark Knight, he forgot  to mention that Lisa Ann Haynes walked to a Riddler camera with all of her bags typed a note that said:

Dear Edward,

these past few days we're cool, but I have made my desion, I have to leave you. I just can't be around you anymore. So, I asked Batman if I could live with him ,

and he said yes. I don't want you around me so he told me to pack all of my belongings so I did. He also me to tell you,

that you can't see me anymore because I don't want to see you anymore please stop stalking me ok? promise me you'll stop?

I mean I don't hate you is just that, I don't want you in my life anymore, oh by the way I deleted all of you're text messages, and I deleted you're number from

my iphone5 that I got from at@t goodbye forever

-Lisa Ann Haynes

so The Riddler was so heartbroke that he saw her putting her things in the trunk of The Batmoblie Because Batman told her to do it

he walked up to her, and she saw him , and she pulled out her gun that Batman gave her

He said ; Hi

she said ; Hi

He asked he; what are you doing?

she said ; I'm leaving you , and you're island for good Batman is getting the rest of my things I left in our or should I say you're room

He said; I'm sorry I hurt , but I need you to stay


Then Batman came out running , and he tackled The Riddler ,and have being alone for the rest of you're life Edward Nigma

so Batman put the rest of Lisa's things carefully into the trunk then closed he told her Let's go she turned around , and she

saw her ex-boyfriend running towarns her so she got into the Batmoblie , and he steped on the gas The Batmoblie went off of The island Batman stopped the car

so Lisa Ann Haynes can lock the gate so she locked the gate to Arkham Asylum, and she started running towarns the car , and the two drove away the end

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