James Gordon
Gordon AA

Real name

James Worthington "Jim" Gordon

First Appearance

Batman: Arkham Asylum,
Detective Comics #27, May, 1939




Deductive mind



Voiced by

Tom Kane


Police Commissioner James W. Gordon dedicated his career to cleaning up the corruption in the Gotham City police department, a goal he has come a long way towards accomplishing. He has been equally tough on crime, and in the pursuit of making Gotham City safe for all its citizens, Gordon has forged an uneasy alliance with Gotham's other top crime fighter, the mysterious vigilante known as Batman.


  • Experienced police officer
  • Trained criminologist
  • Proficient in hand-to-hand fighting techniques
  • Expert marksman

Road to ArkhamEdit

Commissioner Gordon received a tip in the form of a vial of fear gas at Gotham City Police Department. He forwarded the tip to Batman, which led him to stopping the Scarecrow and his latest schemes. A few weeks later, Gordon made his way to Arkham Asylum after Batman captured the Joker at Gotham City hall.

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

Ark man asylumbatsjokergordon

Gordon with Batman watches as security guards escort the Joker through Arkham Asylum.

Batman arrived in the Intensive Care unit as Gordon was signing in. Gordon expressed having a tiring night dealing with the police, the media and Batman after the Joker's kidnapping of the Mayor, yet he was relieved that the Joker was finally back behind bars. Gordon witnessed the Joker's escape and Batman's unsuccessful attempt to capture him. With the Joker in control of security, Gordon was trapped in the intensive care unit along with Frank Boles. Unbeknownst to Gordon, Boles was secretly working with the Joker and knocked Gordon out, bringing him to Harley Quinn in order to keep Batman from following them. Harley took Gordon to the Batmobile in which a struggle took place. Gordon, purposely dropped his pipe by the Batmobile, leaving a trail of tobacco to his holding place in the Medical Facility. Batman infiltrated the building and rescued Gordon from captivity. Gordon had overheard that they were holding someone nearby, when opening up the room Bane was revealed to be inside. Batman ordered Gordon to escape as Bane attacked him. Gordon made his way to the surface an regrouped with Batman after the battle. Suddenly, Bane smashed his way to the surface, attacking Batman once again before being incapacitated after the Batmobile smashed him into the sea. Batman instructed Gordon to go back to Gotham via boat, as the people of Gotham would need him and he'd be much safer. Gordon reluctantly agreed and left Arkham island along with a security guard.

Somewhere along the journey back to Gotham, Gordon was recaptured by the Joker's thugs and taken to the Visitor's Center. There, he was tied up by the Joker and revealed to Batman when he entered the Joker's lair. The Joker planned to turn Gordon into a Titan monster, using his dart gun but Batman jumped in the way of the dart himself, subjecting himself to the formula. After defeating the Joker, Gordon was set free orchestrating the police attack force, infiltrating Arkham Asylum as well as updating Batman with the current status of the island. Gordon suddenly received a police radio message, detailing that Two-Face was in process of robbing Gotham Bank, Batman overheard the message and raced off to the scene in his Batwing.